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Output Unlimited is a full service systems integration company that focuses on creating solutions for all of your audio, lighting, and video needs.

We are a professional sound, lighting, and video company. We offer a wide range of large and small sound systems, acoustics, broadcast video camera solutions, video projectors and screens, and theatrical and intelligent lighting.

We provide design services, consultation services, sales, installations, rentals, and full productions. We offer on site visits to evaluate systems, consulting, and technician training.

We are set up with over 200+ manufactures (audio, lighting and video).

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Shure Announces 600MHz Wireless Rebate

The 600 MHZ on all wireless mics will be eliminated soon. Please budget to replace all of your 600 MHZ wireless microphone systems. Call us to upgrade your wireless microphone systems.

Audio Technica 600 MHZ FAQ Sheet

Click here to download a FAQ sheet from Audio Technic covering the 600 MHZ issue and what Audio Technica

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Audix Microphone Finder

Click here to find the perfect Audix Microphone for your application. Contact us at (618) 920-8775 to place your order.